Donation Policy

  • Donate items

    You could donate all kinds of products, but we prefer to accept luxury resale items or high value goods such as designer fashion bags, electronic products, jewellery, furniture, decorations, sports products, or handmade art works. However, the bank and third party will charge a 4% transaction fee for each order. And management cost will be deducted from the sales amount as well.

    It is up to you to decide the product prices and the portion of sales you would like to donate to your selected charities. However, there is a 10$ minimum price in order to benefit your selected charity.

    Please note that all returned items will be sent to Easy Charity and resold for charities causes.

    We accept all kinds of products and you can decide the price of your product(s). However, the bank and third party will charge a 4% transaction fee for each order. It will be deducted from the sales amount.

    Please note that all returned items will be resold by Easy Charity for charities.

    We don't accept:

    Counterfeit, inferior or expired products; Adult and pornographic material; Firearms, ammunition, and weapons; Stock, collateral, and lottery tickets; Animals, plants and wildlife products; Unclean clothes, used cosmetics or other products affecting personal hygiene; Any kinds of drugs; Any other products violating the law or potentially causing harm to others.

    We retain the right to remove any products that we deem inappropriate or that violate our terms & policies from our website without notification.

  • Donate time/service

    You can contribute your energy, talent, skill and experience by signing up to be a volunteer or service donor. We offer an easy-to-use platform for charities to recruit volunteers, you could to explore potential volunteer opportunities simply by going to the Volunteer page under the "Charities" menu.

    If you want to donate service, we accept trading in person or online trading. We recommend online trading for programmers, web developers, designers, writers, composer or whoever may deliver service online. For these service donors, you have to provide your work examples or link to your online portfolio.

    Certain types of services such as teaching, photographing and performing require trading in person. If you donate these services, you need to set up schedules and locations for trades to occur.

    All face-to-face trading must happen in a public and safe place. You could choose to meet up at a nearby coffee shop, bookstore, restaurant, library, or other public space that generally open and accessible to other people. We also co-operate with our partner organizations to provide free meeting-up locations (click to explore). For further requirement, please read the applicable Terms of Use for service providers and receivers.

  • Donate money

    We do not benefit from the product trading. Currently all running and managing cost of the website is from its organization founders. You could support us by going to the donation page and clicking “donate money”, we very much appreciate your generosity and goodness.

    At this time we only raise money for charities via online trading. If you want to donate money directly to certain charities, we have included links of all charities on the “Charities” page, please go to their websites to make donations.