Simple act of love, kindness and courage can take the power out of bullying

Our Programs

  • Established an anti-bullying research project in cooperation with professional organizations, and provided academic database of school bullying.
  • Interacted with schools to establish anti-bullying action team, and looked for effective practices.
Current Events
1. Specialist Lecture:

In order to come up with better solutions, we provide access to professional speakers and counselors once a month at partner schools, from the surrounding community and institute, who are able and willing to assist primary school students, teachers and parents. Through their education, people who get involved could learn to identify, prevent and ultimately end bullying occurrence.

2. Education Sessions for Children:

Organizing parents meeting once a month can give parents a chance to talk about their kids’ performance at school, and to discuss possiable problems their children faced with at school. Consequently, parents can know more about their children and in turn, can work together to help educators to provide a positive school environment. Problem prevention requires both school educators and parents.

3. Children & Parents Open Day:

Providing parents and their children with wonderful place for after school activities including painting calligraphy and Chinese traditional culture. Relevant materials like brush, pigment, and board are offered for free during the class. Both children and parents will finish their work together under the instruction of our professional volunteers. This event is held on weekly basis. Joining extracurricular activities could release kids from their daily studies, relief their emotions and cultivate their interests. And learning Chinese traditional culture such as Standards for Being Good Student is a good way for children get involved in group activities and learn to regulate their own behavior. Meanwhile, through those interactive activities, parents would have good opportunities to know their lovely kids.