Do you have too much stuff in your house and don't want to throw them away? Were here to help you turn spare items into cash to support charities. Or do you want to support good causes without much effort? We can help you get good deals and give back to society.

How it Works

We donate all revenue to your selected charities (deducting credit card and transaction processing fees, shipping and handling fees and other customer support cost).


Make sure to take high-quality photos including all sides of your items, and clearly show details or flaws of your items with close-up shots. Shoot the item in natural light or diffused light. Avoid cluttered backgrounds or distracting elements.

Measure your item's size and weight, because we need to evaluate the postage cost.

Include a list of details (condition, brand, size, color, material, style), features and benefits of your item(s). Please use sub-headlines, bullet points or use easy-to-read formats.

We will send you an email with the attached prepaid postage label after your item is sold. You only need to print and stick the label on your parcel and deliver it to the nearest Canada Post.

Due to the return policy, we will donate the proceeds to the charity you selected 30 days after the buyer receives the item(s). Once the donation is made, we will send you a Thank You Letter and a donation receipt by email.

After your item is sold, you’ll:

  • Support the charity you like
  • Get Tax deduction
    You are entitled to claim a tax credit for your donations to charities. Once the donation is made, we will send you a Thank You Letter and a donation receipt by email.
  • Earn charity points
    You could accumulate Charity Points either by donating goods, services and money or by doing volunteer work (click to know our Charity Points System).


Register an ID and login to

Choose goods/services

Input your shipping info and evaluate your shipping cost

Pay for your items online

Enjoy your purchase, and we hope to see you next time

After check out, you’ll:

  • Receive your desirable goods
  • Support charities
  • Earn charity points