2017 New Year Gala Dinner----ECSO first public appearance

Jan 24, 2017, 08:53:47

On the evening of January 8th, a grand Canadian Chinese event opened at the Hilton hotel. 30 invited special guests including the founder of ECSO attended the opening ceremony accompanied by Scottish bagpipe performance. This event was the first public appearance of ECSO.

During the cocktail party, the paintings donated by Easy Charity Service Organization attracted lots of attention. Many art lovers kept asking questions about these artworks and hope to get their favorite artworks during the auction.

VIP guests from Canada, including Mr. Xue Bing, the Chinese Consul General in Toronto, and Mr. Tan Geng, a Member of Parliament, were invited to attend the event. In addition, the gala dinner invited thousands of people from political circles to commercial circles. As a co-sponsor of the party, ECSO donated two paintings which were produced by a famous painter Mr. Wang Xiaowei. Our charity auction was definitely the highlight of the whole event. The auction, in total, raised $19,500 for Innotection Foundation.

The charity auction started after the award ceremony. The first auction painting named “Jinsha River" was created by Mr. Wang Xiaowei. Annie Zhang, the member of ECSO took the price of seventy five hundred.

The description of the second artworks was described as follows: this is a pair of cypress trees living together for thousands years finished at Mountain Huang 2010. Mountain and trees formed a delightful contrast and the painter, Mr.Wang, was touched by their primitive simplicity and nature. They accompanied each other with love and vow. He believed that human beings have more than this.” Mr. Randy Wang finally took the price of twelve thousand after the intense competition.

ECSO felt very grateful to the artist Mr. Wang Xiaowei for donating his two oil paintings and we appreciated the support from two buyers.

With the principle of transparency and openness, ECSO donated all the proceeds to Innotection Foundation and all donations will be used on programs and projects including cooperation with professional organizations, and the establishment of anti-bullying studies. All data has been uploaded to ESCO website and all relevant information can be viewed on our website (www.ecsorg.ca). At the same time, we will introduce more outstanding artworks to make a perfect combination of art and charity.

Innotection Foundation will continue focusing on school bullying and cyber-bullying and will continue engaging in social activities to raise awareness of school bullying. We hope to reduce the hurt from bullying through raising awareness among children, parents, educators, and communities. Welcome to join us if you have the same will. Let’s work together to provide a purer environment for children.